Boeing 787 Dreamliner brake

Frein 787

Thirty years after introducing carbon brakes on commercial jets, and now the market leader, Safran Landing Systems brings electric brake technology to airframers and airlines alike. Electric brakes are now available on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Advantages of electric brakes

"Plug and Play": because electricity replaces traditional hydraulic lines, electric brakes are easier to install and maintain.
"Smart" features to facilitate airline operations: continuous, real-time measurement of carbon disk wear, readings displayed in the cockpit, etc.

Greener technologies

Messier-Bugatti-Dowty is fully committed to the production of environmentally-responsible wheels and brakes, including:
- reduced CO2 emissions and fuel savings, thanks to weight optimization of up to 141 lbs (64Kgs) per 787-8 aircraft and 244 lbs (111Kgs) per 787-9 aircraft.
- the system itself, which is 100% cadmium-free, chromium-free, beryllium-free (silicon bronze brake bushings) and asbestos-free (stainless steel or titanium insulation);
- the production process for wheels and brakes: solvent-free (water-based paint topcoat, low-volatile organic compound primer), no chlorofluorocarbons or halons used anywhere in the manufacturing process, including by suppliers.



Boeing 787 dreamliner



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