Airbus A320neo brake

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Safran Landing Systems provides wheels and carbon brakes for the latest Airbus single-aisle jetliner.

Safran Landing Systems already supplies wheels and carbon brakes for more than 70% of the global fleet of Airbus A320 twinjets. We are now offering a new-generation of carbon brake for the new A320neo, with a further increase in performance. For example, this carbon brake is capable of stopping the equivalent of 75 F1! Designed for commonality across the entire A320 family (both ceo and neo models), this brake will allow airlines to more efficiently manage their inventories, which means lower stocks on hand and reduced expenses.

Safran Landing Systems' new carbon brake capitalizes on experience with its predecessor. While ensuring continuity with the A320ceo brake, the new brake incorporates incremental design improvements, giving it higher performance, greater reliability and cost savings.

The new brake includes more carbon, but the total weight of the landing gear does not change. The rear plate has been eliminated and the number of pistons reduced by 28%, to improve the design and reduce weight, operating cost and maintenance. Ventilation has also been increased, by  48%, to ensure better cooling, faster turnaround and therefore higher fleet dispatch reliability.


Made of the latest Sepcarb®III OR (Oxidation Resistant) carbon composite material, the Safran Landing Systems brake offered on the A320neo features an additional, specific anti-oxidation coating (Anoxy 360) and guarantees longer service life, even under intensive use, along with better protection against de-icing products.



Safran Landing Systems' latest brake is also more ecological, since it is cadmium, chromium, beryllium and asbestos free!



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