Safran Landing Systems training centre launches new wheel and brake test bench

Training center inauguration

Safran Landing Systems does not just produce landing gear, systems or wheels and brakes. The company also supports its customers - aircraft manufacturers, airlines and MROs, in learning and mastering technical maintenance operations. A dedicated training centre was especially designed and opened for this purpose in Toulouse in 2014.

In early 2018, Safran Landing Systems inaugurated a new hydraulic test bench for wheels and brakes. This new installation measures the efficiency and reliability of all Safran Landing Systems wheel and brake products.

A first training course took place in March during which 5 technicians from Tunisair Technics* were trained.

This new tool improves Safran Landing Systems' training offer and will enable its customers to be trained on all its products within the same training centre: saving both time and money !

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* Tunisair Technics is specialized in line maintenance and troubleshooting at both Tunisian and overseas locations, scheduled maintenance and modification work on aircraft, modular maintenance and minor repairs, engines, overhaul and repair of aircraft equipment and accessories, wheels and brakes, interiors and safety, mechanics, hydraulic, avionics.

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