Electric taxiing

The electric taxiing system is a viable solution to achieve lower cost and greener operations.

Electric taxiing can strongly improve airlines' operational efficiency by reducing fuel consumption, push back and taxi-related costs, as well as providing environmental benefits by slashing the carbon emissions created during ground operations.

System operation

The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) generator supplies the necessary power to the motors housed in the main wheels. This system allows the aircraft to pushback and taxi fully autonomously without requiring the use of aircraft engines.


Response to the airlines' needs

Operating cost reduction and environmental initiatives are at the top of airlines' concerns. Electric taxiing  provides a viable solution to achieve a better operational efficiency associated with a lower carbon footprint.

By choosing this innovative, strategic and revolutionary system, airlines can save several hundred thousand dollars per aircraft per year and improve their bottom line while reducing the environmental impact of airport ground operations.

•Lower Fuel Burn: the electric taxiing system developed by Safran can result in saving up to 4% of total block fuel budget, and may lead to an average of $250.000 savings per aircraft and per year.
•Improved on-time performance: an aircraft equipped with the electric taxiing system will be able to "pushback and go" more quickly, thus reducing both gate and apron congestion, improving on-time departure performance and saving valuable time on the ground.

•Greener operation: the electric taxiing system can reduce up to 73% in carbon emissions and up to 51% in NOx emissions during airport taxiing operations.
•Added Value: the electric taxiing system eliminates the need for aircraft pushback and towing via ground equipment, extending main engine life and decreasing the maintenance by limiting Foreign Object Debris (FOD) damage caused by material being ingested into the engines while taxiing, enhancing ground crew health and safety, and reducing noise in the airport environment.


Dual engine taxi and electric taxiing by Safran



Environmental benefits - emissions reductions with Electric Taxiing by Safran

When compared with Dual Engine Taxi Operations, Electric Taxiing by Safran provides the opportunity to reduce by…



What this means for the environment

Typical use of Electric Taxiing by Safran annually with an Airbus A320 aircraft at American airports is predicted to be the equivalent of planting up to 948 trees for CO2 saving and eliminating 932 automobiles for NOx reductions.



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