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Safran Landing Systems is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the aircraft industry, and the only company to offer complete solutions encompassing landing, braking, steering and monitoring systems, developed by our expert teams over the years.

We offer an unrivaled portfolio of electrohydraulic and all-electric systems, ranging from pilot-actuated sensors (pedal travel, nosewheel steering and other sensors) to brake manifolds and steering units, along with electronic control and monitoring units for all systems. Today, we are capable of designing and integrating solutions for all types of aircraft:

  • Centralized architectures with control and monitoring electronics in the avionics bay.
  • Integrated modular avionics (IMA) type architectures, with the control and monitoring electronics in charge of several different functions.
  • Distributed architectures, with control electronics located near the sensors and electrohydraulic actuators to be controlled.

All of these new developments are tested right at our production facilities, using state-of-the-art equipment such as real-time digital simulators connected to actual equipment (in line with the aircraft's hydraulic circuits), test benches and dynamometers.

At Safran Landing Systems we apply our aircraft system expertise in four main areas:

  • braking control systems;
  • landing gear extension and retraction systems;
  • steering systems;
  • monitoring systems.

In addition to supplying electrohydraulic subassemblies and the associated control and monitoring units, Safran Landing Systems' added value lies in the assembly and integration of these subassemblies into systems on the main or nose landing gear, along with wheels and brakes, often provided as one of the official products on offer to operators.

Safran Landing Systems' products and services are an integral part of parent group Safran's integrated landing system packages, especially concerning "Chapter ATA32" equipment for commercial airplane landing gear. We deliver system solutions for a wide range of aircraft, taking responsibility every step of the way:

  • Before delivery, we work on optimizing the landing system, as well as integrating it in the aircraft, adapting to the aircraft manufacturer's specific requirements for each aircraft type.
  • During the production process, we integrate the different components and subassemblies supplied by partners and subcontractors, to deliver a turnkey system to the aircraft manufacturer.
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