Ensuring the support of 31,200 aircraft, the objective of Safran Landing Systems is to preserve the value of its equipment throughout the aircraft life cycle. With its global network, the company is able to provide operators with quick and efficient solutions. As an OEM, Safran Landing Systems has unique solutions to manage data and track the maintenance of its products, ensuring traceability "back to birth" of its parts for landing gear. The programmed and customized preventive maintenance, 24/7 availability of a stock of parts as well as turnkey solutions enable operators to maintain their fleet in operational condition and minimize repair costs.


"Creating the tools that keep you flying."

For more than twenty years, Safran Landing Systems has been offering a growing range of turnkey services to support customers that prefer to manage the maintenance of their aircraft equipment in-house. Safran Landing Systems offers a modular approach, ranging from the supply of specific items of equipment through to full-scale project management and installation. We offer an exclusive service which enables customers to access online full ‘back to birth' traceability of OE records for our landing gears up until entry into service. Customers can select the support option that best suits the configuration of their landing gear repair activities.



Turnkey solutions

Safran Landing Systems can assist in implementing MRO facilities, giving the customer the capacity and capability to maintain their own landing gears and components. Safran Landing Systems can advise on specifications, industrial equipment and shop layout. We can also, provide all necessary shop means such as tooling, test benches, electroplating, machine shops, etc. Project management can be handled by either the customer or Safran Landing Systems. To enhance capital investment efficiency, customers may opt to keep only lighter operations such as the disassembly, re-assembly and testing of the landing gear in-house, whilst working with Safran Landing Systems on more complex and machine-intensive operations such as specialized grinding and surface treatments.


Test benches

Test bench B787

A small but important aspect of turnkey services is the provision of test benches for landing gear repair and overhaul. Most focus on various aspects of hydraulic supplies to the landing gear. Design and manufacture of test benches are adapted to Safran Landing Systems equipment such as landing gear, hydraulic components, etc.

Safran Landing Systems also provides a specific bench to test the Boeing 787 electric brakes.





As an OEM, Safran Landing Systems designs maintenance tooling that optimizes the in-service handling of its products. This tooling is designed at the outset of a landing gear's development program, so that a full range of OEM-produced mechanical, hydraulic and electronic tools is available to customers as soon as it enters service. Over 1,000 part numbers are in stock, with a 2-year warranty, including tools for Airbus, Boeing and ATR aircraft, as well as military planes and helicopters. Ground service equipment, including landing gear removal and installation tooling are available for all equipment manufactured by Safran Landing Systems. Working closely with our design office, Safran Landing Systems is constantly refining its tooling to accompany product upgrades and standardize equipment to reduce costs for operators and MRO shops.


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Types of tooling available:


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