Ensuring the support of 31,200 aircraft, the objective of Safran Landing Systems is to preserve the value of its equipment throughout the aircraft life cycle. With its global network, the company is able to provide operators with quick and efficient solutions. As an OEM, Safran Landing Systems has unique solutions to manage data and track the maintenance of its products, ensuring traceability "back to birth" of its parts for landing gear. The programmed and customized preventive maintenance, 24/7 availability of a stock of parts as well as turnkey solutions enable operators to maintain their fleet in operational condition and minimize repair costs.


"Responsive support around the clock, around the world."

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Safran Landing Systems' Customer Support Centres (CSCs) field queries from airlines, MROs and other operators. Our three CSC centers based in Europe, Asia and North America work around the clock provide seamless 24-hour service in your time zone. Our staff of leading specialists manages a wide range of customer inquiries, ranging from spares and technical support to AOG assistance, guaranteeing an AOG response rate within four hours.

In case of AOG, please contact your regional CSC via the Customers section.


Technical publications

CSCs provide all technical publications enabling MROs and airlines to maintain aircraft fitted with our equipment at the maximum levels of safety, security and efficiency. Our documentation services cover all Safran Landing Systems products, including landing gears, brakes and braking avionics. Access to service bulletins, component maintenance manuals, service letters and service bulletins is available on-line through our web portal, a single source for all Safran Landing Systems documentation.



In-service experience

Based on the shared knowledge between customers and Safran Landing Systems, we issue in-service experience reports which provide insight on in-service evolutions and recommendations from our technical specialists to maintain optimal performance of our products. By leveraging feedback from operators and combining it with our own support and MRO expertise, we are able to provide a more comprehensive overview of our product performance and assist customers in minimizing potential in-service issues that can impact aircraft. Available on our web portal, In-Service Experience documentation is updated regularly to ensure the most up to date information available


Back to birth traceability

We hold extensive records on our own equipment and therefore Safran Landing Systems can assist operators in retrieving missing data relating to landing gear maintenance records. We offer an exclusive service which enables customers to access online full ‘back to birth' traceability of OE records for our landing gears up until entry into service. This facility is available for the entire family of Safran Landing Systems y landing gear products, both military and civil programs.


Off-wing repair solutions

When a third-party repair shop wants to carry out an ‘out of, scope' fix, Safran Landing Systems, can offer alternative repair solutions that remain within the design limits of the part, thus preserving its operational integrity.

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