Ensuring the support of 31,200 aircraft, the objective of Safran Landing Systems is to preserve the value of its equipment throughout the aircraft life cycle. With its global network, the company is able to provide operators with quick and efficient solutions. As an OEM, Safran Landing Systems has unique solutions to manage data and track the maintenance of its products, ensuring traceability "back to birth" of its parts for landing gear. The programmed and customized preventive maintenance, 24/7 availability of a stock of parts as well as turnkey solutions enable operators to maintain their fleet in operational condition and minimize repair costs.


"Maintaining the value of an aircraft landing system throughout its in-service life."

Customers require ‘value for money' overhaul solutions and we, as an MRO world leader and OEM, are delivering this. With over 48% of the Airline's fleet operators, we are working closely with the operational and technical teams to ensure that we match their planning and technical requirements (including ‘back to birth' traceability).


maintenance et réparation d'un train d'atterrissage principal A340 à Molsheim

Repair and maintenance network

Safran Landing Systems provides global coverage through the combination of our own MRO shops and those of our strategic partners. Bringing together like-minded organizations broadens the portfolio of landing gears that we can maintain, repair and overhaul. This network offers traditional MRO services and preventative maintenance, allowing customers to keep their landing gear in top condition – vital when the recommended interval between overhauls is growing.

In addition to our large landing gear capability, we have strategic locations either through wholly owned subsidiaries or joint ventures, which handle smaller landing gears from regional aircraft and business jets in Europe, North America or Asia. Through our global network, Safran Landing Systems has the full range of capabilities and resources required to manage the requirements of different national civil aviation authorities.


Lease/exchange for maintenance / overhaul

Safran Landing Systems manages a large stock of gears and LRU rotables to minimize down time and maximize air time for airlines. We offer lease and exchange arrangements, for temporary use while your gear is being repaired or full transfer of ownership. Under the lease scheme, a replacement part is provided until your equipment is returned to you. Alternatively, for customers that do not require the same item to be returned, Safran Landing Systems operates an exchange scheme to replace a component or assembly. For some landing gears, Safran Landing Systems can offer time-continued parts, which provide an ideal solution for those airlines that are planning to dispose of their aircraft in the nearto medium-term and do not require a new part with a full life.


Contrôle d'un train principal A340 à Molsheim

Airworthiness approvals

An aircraft's landing gear is a critical assembly and key to maintaining the overall aircraft value. At Safran Landing Systems , we ensure that the highest standards of excellence and quality are met for all overhauls, working strictly with OEM sourced materials and procedures. We are able to provide customers with reliable, well-documented maintenance services throughout the life of the aircraft, supporting traceability of all structural parts. Safran Landing Systems maintains international approvals from all relevant airframers and air worthiness authorities for the entire range of repair and maintenance operations on our own equipment as well as from other leading manufacturers. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to not only ensuring the welfare and health of our employees but also to supporting customers and protecting the environment. through Integrated Management Systems.

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