Ensuring the support of 31,200 aircraft, the objective of Safran Landing Systems is to preserve the value of its equipment throughout the aircraft life cycle. With its global network, the company is able to provide operators with quick and efficient solutions. As an OEM, Safran Landing Systems has unique solutions to manage data and track the maintenance of its products, ensuring traceability "back to birth" of its parts for landing gear. The programmed and customized preventive maintenance, 24/7 availability of a stock of parts as well as turnkey solutions enable operators to maintain their fleet in operational condition and minimize repair costs.


“It is all about keeping aircraft in operation.”

In today's cutthroat economic environment, airlines are continually seeking new ways to optimize in-service dispatch, in order to maintain on-time performance and lower costs. As an OEM, Safran Landing Systems provides unique data management solutions and customized service packages to help airlines monitor and service Safran Landing Systems manufactured products both safely and cost-efficiently. We ensure a full array of solutions for newly introduced or mature aircraft fleets.


Dispatch Optimization service: improve your operational interruption rate

Safran Landing Systems also offers preventative maintenance packages to enhance the performance and reliability of landing gear throughout the in-service life cycle. Procedures such as disassembly and re-greasing of dynamic components, plus touching-up of damaged coatings can significantly contribute to maintaining the condition of the landing gear. Using a preventative maintenance regime contributes to reducing out-of-scope costs at overhaul. Airlines can define the level of preventative maintenance and regular servicing that they require. This can include local restoration of protective coating and treatments.

Degraissage d'une tige à Molsheim

Thanks to an in-depth understanding of our own component performance (more than 600,000 LRUs flying alone on Airbus aircraft) we are uniquely poised to assist airlines in increasing their overall aircraft dispatch performance. Safran Landing Systems offers, free of charge, an extensive and detailed analysis of the operational data relating to our components in order to determine the best equipment maintenance policy and appropriate service plan for your needs. By correlating various in-service data, Safran Landing Systems provides a clear picture of maintenance and repair trends of our products within your fleet. Through this approach, we can pro-actively make recommendations to optimize the efficiency of those components. Depending on the diagnosis, our recommendations may concern revised parts inventories, specific technical training, equipment upgrades or preventive maintenance, or improvements to logistics and repair processes.

We also offer customers the option of upgrading their equipment, based on a detailed analysis of factors such as the age and service history of their fleet. That allows us to develop an upgrade proposal that improve equipment reliability at a competitive price


Optimize your inventory management

Having access to spares is vital and airlines may not want to hold large stocks of spares themselves. Safran Landing Systems' support by the hour offers our customers an ‘insurance policy' for quick component availability 24/7. We offer a flat rate, per hour of flight, freeing customers from having to cover unexpected spares expenses when an issue arises, providing visibility and predictability on future maintenance costs. Equipment covered by the contract is delivered to the customer within 24 hours, or within four hours in an AOG situation.


We guarantee customers access to our stock 24/7 through a dedicated asset pool. Clients benefit from rapid spares availability available when and where they need it. In addition, tailored inventory plans will evolve as customer requirements change. If an airline does not want to have the monthly outgoings associated with pooling, it can sign up to Safran Landing Systems' loan and exchange schemes, where it pays for the supply – temporary or permanent – of spares as and when these are required. This range of options gives our customers the flexibility to choose whichever best suits their needs

As an OEM, we also provide assistance in determining Initial Provisioning needs, based on factors such as fleet size, usage and known lifespans of individual components. As an added service, we conduct an annual review of Initial Provisioning levels for each of our customers to ensure the most cost-efficient level of spares for each customer.

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