Support and Services

Ensuring the support of 31,200 aircraft, the objective of Safran Landing Systems is to preserve the value of its equipment throughout the aircraft in-service life. With its global network, the company is able to provide operators with quick and efficient solutions. As both OEM and MRO, Safran Landing Systems has unique solutions to manage data and track the maintenance of its products, ensuring a "back to birth" traceability of its landing gear parts. Programmed and preventive customized maintenance, 24/7 availability spares parts stock as well as turnkey solutions enable operators to maintain their fleet in operational condition and minimize repair costs.

Consult the capability list to know the services provided by Safran Landing Systems.

Responsive support around the clock, around the world

Safran Landing Systems Customer Support Centers (CSCs) field queries from airlines, MROs and brokers 24/7. Our three CSC centers based in Europe, Asia and North America work around the clock to provide seamless 24-hour service in your time zone. Our staff of leading specialists manage a wide range of customer inquiries, ranging from spares and technical support to AOG assistance, guaranteeing an AOG response rate with four hours.

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