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Safran Landing Systems offers to his suppliers several tools:

Click here to consult the Supply Chain information system Access for Suppliers


- Perfo[@]Suppliers is the web application that allows each supplier to view its delivery performance in real time through the ScoreCard: punctuality, quality, statistics and consolidation online.

Access the Perfo[@]Suppliers portal


- DK6000 is the central database for technical documentation, requirements, approvals and the list of qualified subcontractors network for all product divisions Safran Landing Systems (Landing gears, Systems and equipment, Wheels and brakes, EGTS, MRO).

Access the DK6000 portal

Consult the guideline for more information

The General terms and conditions of access and use of Supplier Portal must be accepted to access to the DK600 portal. See the section under "Getting access to the portals" to know the instructions.


- a Concession template for Landing Gear Suppliers to register a non-compliance

Download the concession template

Click here to consult the guide to using the template


Getting access to the portals


Access to these different portals requires login and password.

Each supplier needs to identify an ADE (local administrator). ADE is the only one person who could manage the supplier staff accounts (access to DK6000, perfo[@]suppliers, changes, access closures, etc.) with Safran Landing Systems.

  1. To get the link to the electronic form designating his local administrator, the supplier has to contact his buyer at Safran Landing Systems to register his request.
  2. When he receives the e-mail with the specific link, the supplier must accept the Terms and Conditions then fill the details of the designated ADE.
  3. As soon as Safran Landing Systems has validated the ADE, he can manage his accounts and requests for all the company staff via his portal.

Access the ADE portal (requires login and password)

The accounts are open to your request. The use or not of you accesses is tracked. The tools non-used subtract points to your annual scoring for each account, in the panel of Safran suppliers

For Website Assistance (do not use for registrations), contact our web portal support via the Contact section on the DK6000 portal. However, we thank you to use in advance the above answers present in the FAQ below.




Nota : It is impossible to see the Home Page with a computer running Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8.

If you are in this situation, you should upgrade the operating system of your PC to, at least Windows 7. If it's not possible quickly, you can use an alternate browser like Mozilla Firefox.

Every platform enables to submit a new password request.

Beware, you have the same identifying key between DK6000 and/or perfo@suppliers but the password could be different (for example if you have not taken the same one for both).

If the account is not uses after a long period, it will be locked. You have to request another password. If it doesn't work, contact the helpdesk.

After the creating of your access account, you have 15 days to activate it. After this time your count is locked. You will have to use the function "I forgot my Password" to release it.

The account is strictly personal. If you use the account of one of your colleague, we will not respond to a release request.

You must regularly change your password. Each platform automates this periodic change.

An access account is strictly personal and not transferable. Our Purchasing and Quality Teams do not make any name or email address change on an access account.

Your ADE have to request us for the modifications through his Portal Access.

It is the ADE's duty to warn us about departures, always through this specific software.

The most critical case is about this ADE changes:

  • The "leaving "ADE has to appoint a successor through this specific software
  • If this ADE left the company without indicating his successor, a new portal contract has to be signed and a new workflow of GCU is needed with the initial procedure of registration.


In application of the ITAR requirements or export control and to protect our knowledge, the diffusion is done by the platform DK6000. Contact our purchaser or our supplier quality service which will provide you the documents.

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