Messier-Bugatti's "Green Taxiing™" solutions for Smarter Ground Operations

Farnborough, UK, 19 July, 2010

Messier-Bugatti (Safran group), world leader in carbon wheels and brakes and landing systems, announced today recent developments in its Green Taxiing™ initiative, which will enable aircraft to autonomously manoeuver on ground without relying on thrust from the main engines.

Messier-Bugatti launched Green Taxiing™ in 2008, in response to growing industry requirements to reduce fuel burn and reduce C02 emissions at every stage of aircraft utilization. To avoid using engine thrust, Messier-Bugatti is developing several solutions to power the main landing gear, as these gears support up to 90% of the aircraft weight. Messier-Bugatti is targeting 2016 for introduction on single aisle aircraft.

Today, two CFM-type engines burn 12kg per minute of fuel during taxiing phases. An average A320 or 737 aircraft operates up to 14 flight cycles per day, and travels several kilometers on the ground both before and after takeoff.

In addition to generating a 4-5% reduction in on-ground fuel burn and C02 emissions, the advantages of such a system are numerous:

- Complete autonomy in on-ground manoeuvres, replacing the use of a tractor to push back from the terminal.
- Less solicitation of the brakes during the taxiing phase, no longer needed to counter residual thrust from the main engines
- Noise reduction during on-ground taxiing
- Improved safety for on-ground personnel
- Optimized engine maintenance, avoiding injection of potentially damaging debris from the tarmac
- Facilitated manoeuvring of the aircraft during maintenance operations

This technology will facilitate efforts for both airlines and airports to meet noise reduction and emissions regulations.

With Green Taxiing™, Messier-Bugatti continues to develop innovative, environmentally- responsible technologies to improve landing system efficiency for the next generation of more electric aircraft.

- Press release

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