Boeing 787 landing gear

Safran Landing Systems is responsible for the design, development, qualification, testing, manufacture and support of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner main and nose landing gear.


In addition to supplying the nose and main landing gear, Safran Landing Systems' responsibilities extend to the integration of all landing gear system components. Activities also include assembly of the complete dressed landing gears for delivery to the aircraft assembly sites for installation on the aircraft.

The 787 landing gears include a number of technological innovations, specifically in the area of new materials:

  • reducing landing gear weight
  • reducing corrosion and providing higher resistance to fatigue versus steel parts.

A number of components are made from titanium including the main gear inner cylinder, which is an industry first.

Safran Landing Systems has developed reinforced variants of the main and nose landing gears to support the increased maximum take-off weight of the 787-9 and the 787-10.

Production activities for the 787 program are shared across Safran Landing Systems facilities in Canada, USA, China, France, Mexico and the UK. Final integration takes place at the company's Everett and Toronto facilities, where the system components supplied are integrated with the landing gear structure prior to delivery to Boeing's final assembly lines in Seattle and Charleston.


Safran Landing Systems also provides electric brakes for the Boeing 787.




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