Airbus A350XWB landing gear

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Safran Landing Systems is responsible for the design, development, qualification testing, manufacture and support of the main landing gear for the A350-900 aircraft.

The A350-900 main landing gear is a completely new design, featuring the latest in proven landing gear technology to achieve low weight, high reliability and low cost of ownership.

The design includes the increased use of advanced materials, in particular high strength titanium, corrosion resistant steels and HVOF (High velocity oxygen fuel) coatings which are compliant with new environmental requirements.

Safran Landing Systems engineers worked with Airbus from the start of the aircraft development to optimise integration of the landing gear into the aircraft. The A350-900 main landing gear is an excellent example of concurrent engineering between the program team in Gloucester and Safran Landing Systems' global manufacturing operations. The main gear components have been produced across the company's manufacturing facilities in France, Canada, China and the UK. Final assembly of the main gear is carried out at the company's new twin aisle landing gear flow line at Gloucester.



A350 xwb.jpg

The A350-900 main landing gear provides a robust solution which will reduce maintenance actions and extend the overhaul period, thus reducing the cost of ownership for operators.

Safran Landing Systems also provides wheel and carbon brakes for the A350, as well as the landing gear extension-retraction system, monitoring system, steering system and braking system.

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