Safran Landing Systems' landing gear product range also extends to helicopters and tiltrotors, where we support both military and commercial programs.

Airbus Helicopters Tigre landing gear

The MTR390 powers the Franco-German Tiger combat helicopter. The Tiger is a twin-engine 5 to 7-ton-class helicopter and carries 2 persons (the pilot and the gunner).


The Franco-German Airbus Helicopter Tiger helicopter first flew in 1991 and series production began in March 2002. Thanks to a modular design concept ensuring multi-fonctionality, the Tiger is available in anti-tank and close support versions. Composite materials are widely used in this advanced concept helicopter, meaning less weight, better crash protection and a low electromagnetic signature.


Safran Landing Systems supplies landing gears for the Tiger. The tail gear provides direction with a steering motor in addition to the bogie beam and the shock absorbers. The main landing gear is comprised steel brakes, a trailing arm and two stage anti-crash shock absorbers. This anti-crash system developed by Safran Landing Systems is indeed a breakthrough in innovation which has proven its reliability over the years. Due to the fact that it usually flies very close to the ground, the helicopter is capable of hard landings, sinking speed of 6m/s and can withstand crash landings up to 10.5 m/s.

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