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Production of landing gear parts at Safran Landing Systems in Suzhou (China), plant dedicated to manufacturing components of landing gear for several programs including Airbus A320, Dassault Falcon 900/2000EX, Bombardier Challenger 300 and Raytheon Hawker 800XP


Safran Landing Systems is a company that's always looking to the future. We put a lot of time and energy into the research and development of new products, ensuring that the future generation of landing and braking systems will be lighter, quieter, more cost-efficient and robust.

Our technologies


New materials

Safran Landing Systems pioneered the introduction of carbon brakes, a revolution that has reduced weight compared to steel brakes by 50%. On key structural components of landing gear and systems equipment, we're also using lighter composite and titanium materials. And for operators, weight reduction translates into direct fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.



Electric technologies

Greater efficiency and lower operational costs have also been the result of our move to more electric systems. Working alongside Boeing, we've equipped the new 787 Dreamliner with our electric brakes.


Safran Electronics & Defense Avionics USA LLC, specialized in avionics for civil and military aircraft, is based in Dallas metro area, Texas. Its scope of business includes technical support, MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) services, marketing and sales of Safran Electronics & Defense products, including integrated cockpit display systems, flight control components, aircraft condition monitoring systems and flight operations quality assurance software.

Health monitoring

Safran Landing Systems is also introducing new technologies to better detect the wear and tear of landing gear systems, allowing for better in-service monitoring of equipment and improved operational availability.


Ciel vu d'avion

Green Credentials

Developing greener products and managing greener operations is central to our long-term company vision. Not only are we reducing greenhouse emissions, but we are also investing in new surface treatments, including the substitution of traditional chrome and cadmium plating with more environmentally responsible processes.


Innovation at Safran

Innovation plays a pivotal role at Safran. Essential to our competitiveness, it enables us to offer top-flight products in each of our business sectors – aerospace, defense, security – while also reducing development time and cost. Innovation also means developing safer, more environmentally-friendly air transport, and making our daily lives safer and easier. To support our strategy, we invest considerable human and financial resources in research & development, as well as building state-of-the-art research centers. Innovation is also a state of mind, expressed through the sharing of expertise, based on a large number of partnerships and a dynamic, successful employee-driven innovation initiative.

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