New Orleans

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Welcome on the Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Convention website.

The 2015 edition of MBD convention will focus on innovation in Aircraft Landing and Braking systems: from the improvement of existing products, to ease and improve today’s operations, to the future generations of products, the ones our engineers are inventing and designing today, for lighter, greener and more efficient operations tomorrow.

Therefore, the 2015 edition of MBD convention will be organized around three kinds of events:

> Messier-Bugatti-Dowty innovation center, a showroom displaying the latest projects, prototypes and simulators for future landing and braking systems, where operators and MBD designers will have time to share their vision of the future of our industry.

> Plenary sessions, where MBD will present today’s new products: Electric Taxiing System (EGTS™), 787 Electric Brakes, Brand new Carbon technology SepCarb IV, A350.

> Small groups Workshops, to share and exchange with MBD customers in-service experience and products improvements, in order to enhance aircraft operations and MBD equipment maintenance.

> Register to the Convention

Once submitted, you will be officially registered to the 2015 edition of MBD convention.

For the America’s Region we have selected New Orleans, USA – March 23 thru 26.

We warmly welcome your participation and that of your colleagues. We look forward to meeting you in New Orleans.
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